Programmation 2016

Découvrez ici la liste des sept artistes qui présenteront leurs spectacles à l'édition 2016 du Festival SOlOS. Cliquez sur les images pour plus de détails!



Marc Rowland presents



An unnamed disaster has befallen the Earth. Humans are few and far between and lead simple lives as farmers and hunters in a harsh and cold world. Ravenous mutants roam the countryside. But, there is talk of an island just out of sight where the technology of the past remains. An island paradise known as... Automotua. 




Julie Foster presents

"A Folio For Fools"


A Folio for Fools follows a bumbling, stumbling, unassuming clown named Collie Flower, as she discovers the haunting tales of Shakespeare. By merely opening the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Collie Flower is accidentally sucked into a world that is not her own, and is possessed by the bloody villains that the Bard created all those years ago. Will Collie Flower become as bloodthirsty and greedy as the horrifying characters we know so well? She sees a dagger and she is ready to take the plunge…all hail Collie Flower thou shalt be king hereafter.




Margo MacDonald presents

"Elephant Girls"


“Without doubt, they were the most notorious girl gang Britain’s ever seen.” Clever, organized, devious & daring; they stole from the rich and gave to themselves. Only recently brought to light, this is the riveting story of the all-woman gang which terrorized London for over 100 years. Told through the eyes of Maggie Hale--the gang's suit-wearing, bloody-knuckled, girl-chasing "enforcer", you won't be able to look away.




Vance Gillis presents

"Last Night on Earth"


Welcome to Red Mountain Pass, a small rural community that's suddenly been overtaken by a brief, unexpected celebrity: a cult-like figure known only as The Facilitator is making claims that the world will end on December 21st, 2012, and only the residents in Red Mountain will be spared. Last Night On Earth is a solo sketch comedy about the suddenly-famous little town, the prophesy that made it so and the simple townspeople who don't know what to believe.




James McGee presents

"Le Merveilleux and Marvelous World de Bonhomme Caramel"


Join folk hero Bonhomme Caramel for a magical and imaginative adventure as we learn about 16th century Quebec and all of its wonders! Jump on to the bateau des rêves for an educational voyage in this children's televisions series! Be warned that sailing isn't always smooth when things take an unexpected turn as Bohomme Caramel's world is turned upside down as he is confronted by his greatest obstacle - change. 




Dan Hershfield presents



Dan Hershfield was working as a Second City performer aboard a cruise ship when a floating music festival offered him the chance of a lifetime: to hang out with his hero, Chris Murphy, of the acclaimed indie rock band Sloan.


Objectively, what followed were some pleasant conversations between the two. But from Dan’s perspective, it was an emotional rollercoaster, where every word exchanged was fraught with meaning and every interaction was fraught with peril. Would Dan come away from this experience with a lasting friendship...or a lasting shame?



Eve Majzels presents

"Circus of Sighs" 


The Circus of Sighs is a strange bunch of sly miscreants, debauched mysteriosos, hard-partying dancing bears and sad-sack souls that are loster than lost- a mix of absurdities and extremes that has led to this big top becoming one of the most concentrated sites of melancholy and danger in the known world. Trapeze artist Natasha used to dream of running away from the circus, but it's all she knows- still, just when the day-in-day-out routine of mournful longing, constant mortal peril and preposterously excessive hedonistic abandon seems like it will keep churning on forever in its relentless tumble along the downward spiral of bitter, hideous eternity, things start to get really bizarre.