Behold, the list of the 7 performers who will be presenting their work as part of the main programming of 2014's edition of SOlOS. Click on the images attached for more details about individual performers, and their shows!




So: 2012 was not actually the end of the world. That didn’t happen so much. At least not for Matt Goldberg. And while his world is still around, 2012 did mark a strange and surprising year for Matt, full of birth, death, and confusion. Okay -- One birth. One death. Constant confusion. A year can be long. A year can be short. Big Year is the true story of a year, and what a year means in a life.


présente "CASE(S)"


Tout cela a commencé quand je me suis découvert comme personnage. Depuis, je navigue dans le vide quantique du théâtre. Devant les mondes possibles: le vertige est grand. Je suis obsédée par ma propre mise en scène. Je suis moi-même et sans cesse une autre. Je suis à la fois réelle et fictive. Je suis comédienne et je me joue. Je me joue de moi.


"Persona Kinema"


Il a toujours écouté des films; particulièrement des films pops et cultes américains. Il apprend facilement les répliques des films qu’il aime. Il insert de ces répliques dans ses conversations au quotidien. Il peut même entretenir des discours entièrement composés de phrases tirées de ses vues préférées. Il est plusieurs personnages. Il s’appelle… Il s’appelle… Il s’appelle…?




Now and at the Hour is the semi-autobiographical magical tale of what it was like for Cagigal to be raised by his father, a Vietnam vet, afflicted with PTSD and Schizophrenia, and how that both inspired and pushed Cagigal into realms of magic, mystery and the unknown. 

KIRA HALL presents



You want to talk about feelings? Lea doesn’t. She has no idea where her life is going, her parents are emotionally unavailable, and her brother Daniel is dying. So, to keep herself distracted, Lea has found a hobby. With the help of overhead projections and toys-turned-puppets, Paleoncology tells a story about siblings, dinosaurs, cancer, and personal potential. 

BRITT DASH presents



Join one nice Jewish girl on her journey to please her mother, her grandmother, her mother's grandmother, and potential mates of all sorts while struggling to tweak her Chutzpah levels to suit everyone, always.




"Just be yourself" is easier said than done. Everything Is Normal is a series of comedic, all-true tales about growing up, shutting down and figuring out what it means to truly fit in.