Behold, the list of the 7 performers who will be presenting their work as part of the main programming of 2015's edition of SOlOS. Click on the images attached for more details about individual performers, and their shows!


Jon Bennett presents

"AUSSIE RULES FOOTY: Playing with Men"


Jon Bennett (5 x Just For Laughs Award nominee and Moth Story Slam Winner) was a great junior footballer in Southern Australia. He was set to ‘Make It’ until he started playing with and against men… REAL men. Then a community tragedy made him re-evaluate his life. 



présente "J'Eux"


Thomas partage avec nous son histoire et celle de Myriam. Difficile de concevoir ce que ces enfants ont pu vivre. Mais leur passé est–il si éloigné de notre quotidien? A travers la jungle, le désert, les plaines et les villes, Thomas retrace son cheminement et réalise qu’il a occulté bien des désagréments. Ce faisant, il nous bouleverse, nous émeut, nous fait rire et réfléchir face à nos libertés de choix. 

Une Autre Compagnie de Théâtre présente

"Clara veut être actrice"


Clara est une jeune actrice professionnelle, finissante d’une école de théâtre réputée et qui rêve d’une carrière prolifique au Québec – mais surtout à Broadway! Avec une ambition ‘‘démesurément américaine’’, elle se voit assister aux évènements mondains, aux talk-shows du dimanche soir et à tous les tapis rouges occasionnels. En attendant les retombées concrètes de son plan de vie, Clara s’exerce au star-système québécois et fréquente artistes et public quotidiennement, dans un petit restaurant où elle affiche aussi ses aptitudes en service aux tables. 

Zoe Daniels presents

"Don't Move to Toronto"


In the summer of 2012, Zoe Daniels lived in Montreal and had a lot of starry-eyed plans and the perfect boyfriend. By fall 2014 she'd been dumped, evicted, fired, threatened, and bankrupted. Using the worst possible iTunes playlist and her years of experience as a stand-up comedian and storyteller, Daniels presents the brutally hilarious tale of a perfectly happy life ruined by moving to Toronto.


Nisha Coleman presents



From a swamp in northern Ontario to the streets of Paris, Nisha Coleman uses music, recorded dialogue, soundscapes and traditional storytelling to share a deeply personal tale involving mosquitoes, mental illness and recurring self-exile. Told in her signature comedic style, Nisha tackles serious subjects with humour and grace. Be prepared to experience the emotional gamut, from flatulence to identity crises. Self-exile takes you on a quest away from and eventually back to the self. 

Jon Bennett presents

"Fire in the Meth Lab"


Dear Brother,

How's jail? How many cigarettes does it cost for a picture of a naked lady? Are you getting really strong? I’ve written a show about you, is that ok? You're in jail so you can't really say no.

Love from your little brother, Jon.

Mark Jumper presents

"Analysis of Analysis of Failure"


Using music, story-telling, and lecture, Mark Jumper will guide attendees through the Analysis of the failed BDTEM project, while at the same time discussing the purpose and value of the act of Analysis itself.

Hamhock Velvet presents

"The Making of Warm Mess"


Renowned for their lo-fi brand of humpty-dumptruck rock n roll, Hamhock Velvet & The Silky Pillows came to prominence with their classic album "Warm Mess". Since then, The Silky Pillows have fluffed off and now almost 20 years later, Hamhock Velvet sits down to share the bizarre story of the band's cosmic journey and how the elements came together (and ultimately fell apart) during the making of "Warm Mess."