Artist: Marc Rowland

Show : Automotua

Show date: Wednesday, April 6th, 2016.



An unnamed disaster has befallen the Earth. Humans are few and far between and lead simple lives as farmers and hunters in a harsh and cold world. Ravenous mutants roam the countryside. But, there is talk of an island just out of sight where the technology of the past remains. An island paradise known as... Automotua.


Bio: Marc Rowland is the artistic director of the Montreal Improv Theatre and is co-producer of the Montreal Improv Festival. With over 20 years of experience in improvisation, he has traveled across North America & Europe to perform and teach the craft. He has always had an interest in the physical aspects of performance and has completed the clown program at Ecole de Clown et Comedie Francine Cote, and has spent the last year regularly training in their mime course. Marc has been in the Just For Laughs Festival with Dance Animal presents: Dance Animal, Zoofest with Mark Little, Dan Beirne & Brent Skagford, The Montreal Fringe Festival with Les Bunheads & Friends, and too many improv festivals to list here. He was the Mime in Disney’s Bad Hair Day & Alexsy in Boost (coming out later in 2016).


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