Photo by Vadim Gran
Photo by Vadim Gran

Artist: Eve Majzels

Show : Circus of Sighs

Show Date: Saturday, April 9th, 2016



The Circus of Sighs is a strange bunch of sly miscreants, debaucherous mysteriosos, hard-partying dancing bears and sad-sack souls that are loster than lost- a mix of absurdities and extremes that has led to this big top becoming one of the most concentrated sites of melancholy and danger in the known world. Trapeze artist Natasha used to dream of running away from the circus, but it's all she knows- still, just when the day-in-day-out routine of mournful longing, constant mortal peril and preposterously excessive hedonistic abandon seems like it will keep churning on forever in its relentless tumble along the downward spiral of bitter, hideous eternity, things start to get really bizarre.


Bio: Eve Majzels is an actor, writer and filmmaker based in Montreal.