Artist: James McGee

Show : Le Merveilleux and Marvelous World de Bonhomme Caramel!

Show Date: Thursday, April 7th, 2016



Allo les enfants! Êtes-vous prêt? Welcome to le Merveilleux and Marvelous World de Bonhomme Caramel! 


Join folk hero Bonhomme Caramel for a magical and imaginative adventure as we learn about 16th century Quebec and all of its wonders! 


Jump on to the bateau des rêves for an educational voyage in this children's televisions series! Be warned that sailing isn't always smooth when things take an unexpected turn as Bohomme Caramel's world is turned upside down as he is confronted by his greatest obstacle - change. 


Bio: James McGee is a Montreal-based professional wrestler. As a 12 year veteran of this extreme form of live entertainment, he has been eliciting big reactions from unruly crowds as both a beloved underdog hero as well as a reviled villain. 


James has performed through-out North America, most notably in Toronto, Ottawa, New York and Philadelphia. In 2010, he participated in a tour of Europe, bringing him to Belgium, Sweden and France. 


Adding to his eclectic forms of performance, he is a featured performer as well as teacher at the Montreal Improv Theatre. James was also seen in the 2012 edition of the Just For Laughs Festival, as a cast member of the award winning comedy dance troupe, Dance Animal. 


James' previous one-man show, "Look At This Guy" was listed in the Montreal Gazette as one of Jim Burke's top theatre shows of 2015.


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