Photo by Brian Crosby
Photo by Brian Crosby

Artist: Dan Hershfield

Show : Sloanliness

Show date: Friday, April 8th, 2016



Dan Hershfield was working as a Second City performer aboard a cruise ship when a floating music festival offered him the chance of a lifetime: to hang out with his hero, Chris Murphy, of the acclaimed indie rock band Sloan.


Objectively, what followed were some pleasant conversations between the two. But from Dan’s perspective, it was an emotional rollercoaster, where every word exchanged was fraught with meaning and every interaction was fraught with peril. Would Dan come away from this experience with a lasting friendship...or a lasting shame?


Bio: Dan has been writing in many genres for many years, receiving an MFA in Creative Writing and Theatre from UBC. Outside of the world of theatre, he has written pieces for CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera and Content Factory, as well as for the Gemini-nominated Road Hockey Rumble. As a performer, Dan has been improvising for over a decade and has worked with many of Canada’s most renowned companies, including Vancouver TheatreSports and Bad Dog Theatre. In fact, he was working as a performer for Second City aboard the Norwegian Jewel when the events that inspired Sloanliness took place.


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